In 10 minutes, Could understand Japanese Culture #1-#5


Hi Everyone, This is JAPANISM.

I’ll introduce the Japanese culture to you on youtube.
Because Japanese culture is not well known correctly.(e.g. the SAMURAI is not in current TOKYO. In stead of SAMURAI, a lot of office workers are in TOKYO.)

So the purpose of this channel is to introduce the real Japanese culture.
I’m a Japanese. So I’m sorry if It has the miss about the grammar in English.
I appreciate if you could understand the real Japanese culture even a little.

By the way, the reporter in this channel is the Preston created from Amazon Sumerian that is one of the AWS.
I would like you to love her. Thank you so much for your reading this description.

In 10 minutes, you could understand Japanese Culture

The summary of table contents is below.

#1 Japanese Money

About the type of Japanese Money.

#2 Electronic Money

About the electronic Money.Especially I introduce the SUICA created by JR-EAST on this video.


About the SUSHI-BAR.Especially I introduce SUSHIRO that is chain-store of Japanese SUSHI-BAR.

#4 Valentine Day

About the Japanese Culture on Valentine Day.


About the Damon Slayer/KIMETU NO YAIBA that has got the momentum.